Paverpol creations

from a t-shirt to a garden statue!


A little about me!

I have always enjoyed crafts and one Christmas was at a craft sale and saw someone selling fabric garden statues and thought hey I could do that.  I came home and started googling and came across Paverpol.  From there I was in touch with Loretta Metzger and she planted the seed and said " We don't have anyone in Winnipeg, why don't you take the course and become a certified Paverpol instructor" and an idea was born! With Manitoba winters , it was a bit of work to get my required classes in to then go and get certified, but Erna in Brandon, MB worked with me to make it happen.  I took my required classes then went to Saskatoon to become certified and started letting my imagination run with what I can make and enjoying trying new ideas!  I have met some wonderful people through Paverpol!